Ping Pong Digital

Re-imagining an award-winning social media agency.



The Challenge

With offices in New York, Shanghai, and London, Ping Pong Digital need a website and visual identity as vibrant as the cities in which its teams work. So, they came to us.

To set Ping Pong Digital apart from their competition, we created a playful logotype and visual language—and of course, vibrant animated cityscapes that reflect the dynamic digital world in which they play.


Connecting the East and West—that's the central idea behind Ping Pong Digital's work. So, we used this as a starting point for its brand identity while infusing our designs with the playful nature of its name and youthful energy of the agency.

Web Design

For its website, we went with a playful and vibrant animated landscape to illustrate its lively Chinese roots. After refining this idea further, we landed on a final concept: an engaging cityscape with famous Chinese landmarks, animals, and mythical creatures.



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