See how The Digital Panda helped MINDCURE with a modern, responsive web presence. We created a space that piqued visitor’s curiosity and empowered them to act.

MINDCURE is a Vancouver-based life sciences company focused on developing innovative digital therapeutics technology and researching and developing novel prescription pharmaceutical compounds and treatments to advance breakthroughs in mental health
Vancouver, Canada

Disrupting the pharmaceutical industry and promoting mental health with psychedelics.

User Experience
UI Design
Web Development
The challenge

Our approach
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The Challenge

Mindcure is a cutting edge pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving mental health using psychedelics. They conduct research and develop technology that offers people in need hope and help. But for their work to succeed they need investment. They needed a place to present their research, demonstrate their tech, and attract inventors.

So we created a space that piqued visitor’s curiosity, inspired their interest and empowered them to act. To do this we built the site from the ground up focusing on development, UX/UI design, 3d illustration, iconography.

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