How embracing technology boosts your business

Embracing technology helps your business thrive and stay competitive. But, many business owners need help to take on new tech trends.

Here, we'll emphasize the reasons to digitize your company, while tackling the issues behind your innovation hesitation. Plus, we'll guide you in selecting the right technology to suit your needs.

Avoiding the tech trend trap

We're in a time of digital snake oil. Countless digital products, all competing for attention, promise technological innovation and ultimately disappoint. 

Business owners are learning the hard way that they’re prey in the wild. Before you know it, you’re subscribed and paying for some overblown platform that barely helps your business.

Money. Grab.

It's no wonder business owners are skeptical about technology's value.

If the broken promises and catfishing haven't yet crushed your faith in emerging technology, we commend you.

On the other hand, the endless options and marketing for digital business tools, AI, and whatever else can leave you paralyzed, not knowing where to start.

Still, the point of this articles isn't to convince you to move to the woods, throw your phone in a river, and live the rest of your life selling tree bark to whoever-is-buying-tree-bark. We're here to talk you into something far easier: giving tech a chance.

That's because avoiding technology could have a higher cost than you realize.

The cost of tech avoidance: Can you afford it?

Sticking with traditional methods seems safe but can be expensive in terms of missing out on opportunities to reach your audience and outperform your competition. And, as much as we hate to say it, it could also result in your business becoming obsolete.

Instead of laying down to let the robots walk — or roll — all over us, hear us out about why embracing tech and shifting to new tools is essential for your business.

Selective innovation: Choose wisely

“I’m sticking with the tried and true.”

Maybe you're skeptical of tech, or maybe you're of the "my way or the highway" mindset. We're not here to argue with you. And, no, we will not "ok Boomer" you. You're an expert at what you do and it's up to you to decide what works for your business.

Plus, well, it happens — trends flop. Does that mean you should dump innovation altogether?

Put plainly, not every new app or tool is worth your investment. You should be skeptical, but afford yourself opportunities to grow and learn by also being curious. Assess innovations that match your business goals. This way, you'll likely find tools that simplify your operations without having to undergo a total revamp.

The catch-up game: Stay ahead

“There’s too much $#!% out there and I’m overwhelmed.”

Tech evolves rapidly. Between the time we publish this blog and when you read this, the world will likely see at least 3 iPhone releases.

However, for small business owners, getting comfy isn’t part of the job description. Avoiding adapting to new technology puts you at a disadvantage. Your time and cash flow are precious, you say?

Minor efforts to keep your head in the game mean less work later on.

Two words: Free trial.

Take advantage of free trials, request demos, watch, listen, and learn. By gradually adapting to technology, you'll stay informed, avoid feeling overwhelmed, and score valuable tools that help you scale.

Audience & competitors: Be relevant

“My customers know where to find me.”

Staying current is essential to reach your clients.

For one, your audience AND competitors already use technology, so meet them where they are. Otherwise, you risk falling behind and sacrificing customer connections. Boost your customer experience, and beat competitors.

For two, why wouldn't you want to provide the most efficient, convenient, and pleasurable experience for your users?

Whether you have a website, app, physical storefront, metaverse shop, or deli on Mars, anticipating your users' expectations for convenience and simplicity equals conversion. Next, we'll learn about some integrations and plugins that can make simplifying your user experience (UX) painless.

Future-proofing your business

Time to harness the power of business technology. Let's explore beginner-friendly tools and ideas to build your confidence in tech and empower your business for future growth.

Streamlining & automating operations

The right tools will help you ideate, organize, and manage any task. Integrations like Zapier or Integromat connect apps and streamline workflows. Plugins let you tie systems together without coding expertise. 

The goals of automation are simple:

  • Cut repetitive tasks and human error
  • Boost productivity

Expanding market reach

To reach and engage your target audience, you need a dynamic online presence. What does that mean exactly? 

Regularly updating content, optimizing for relevant keywords, and participating in online communities significantly enhance visibility and accessibility. Take it a step further by engaging your customers in innovative ways like augmented reality and digital marketplaces.

Setting & tracking goals

You'll need to understand your digital footprint to set goals for growth.

Tools like Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity track key business metrics, identify trends, and empower data-driven decisions. On the other hand, HubSpot, HootSuite, and Later connect your social accounts and provide performance insights. While there's a learning curve involved in integrating such tools, bringing your analytics together is worth it. 


Set actionable goals.

Monitor progress.

This is how you'll fuel effective strategies.

Let’s make tech your ally

At The Digital Panda, we aim to demystify technology and unlock our clients' full potential. We refresh brands and create experiences with custom web design, development, and marketing services. Plus, as Webflow experts, we educate our clients to become experts on the platform.

Together, we can elevate your business and unlock new growth opportunities with technology. Connect with us to kick off your digital transformation journey.⤵

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