Business benefits of good design

Question: Does your business sell an experience or a solution?

More than likely, you’re selling both.

In order to do so, your business relies on its "why" — the reason you do what you do. But here's the catch: if you neglect the power of design, your "why" could end up lost in the dark corners of the internet instead of shining brightly front and center. Tying your visuals, content, and offerings together helps you excel in your market and stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we’ll look at the top benefits of good web design for your business.

Drive business success with good design

Now, if you're curious about what separates design superstars from disasters, you're not alone. 

After all, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when it comes to design, there's a consensus (yes, even among designers and end users) that bad design can range from visually unappealing eyesores to perplexing puzzles that leave users scratching their heads in frustration.

Good design, put simply, is all about functionality and efficiency. In other words: usefulness.

Top web design benefits for business

Let’s dive deeper into what exactly makes good design so specific and how it can work wonders for your business.

1. It builds credibility & recognition

Your visitors place a lot of weight on both functionality and appearance. In order to differentiate your business and offerings and appear legitimate, you'll need design that's smooth, intuitive, and consistent.

Good design leaves a lasting impression.

That's how many first impressions are design-related. Users make up their minds within 50 milliseconds.

In today’s digital world where competition is fierce and attention spans are shorter than ever, modern websites face steepening expectations for seamless digital experiences. Implementing design is the difference between wowing and not being noticed at all.

Good design builds authority.

That's the percentage of visitors that base a business’ credibility on its website design. 

Building trust and credibility is a feat for all businesses, especially small businesses and e-commerce sites that have to face up to the big guys. 

That said, every business has a brand identity, whether intentionally or not. When you invest in design, you control your identity so that potential customers can easily pick you out from the crowd.

2. It enhances the user experience & boosts engagement

It's simple. The better the experience, the more your users will engage. Makes sense, right? Don't make your visitors work harder than they need to engage. Appeal to their natural and predictable responses, behaviours, and abilities with digestible, accessible design.

Good design makes content digestible.
8 seconds

That’s around the time half of your visitors will leave your website. It’s called the 8-second rule, named for the shrinking attention spans of global users.

We all know the feeling: we visit a website and automatically feel the urge to bail out. Balancing user interfaces and content gets the message across efficiently. To do that, visuals and content must work in tandem. When your UI design goes beyond just words on a web page, your content can actually do its job. 

And while it sounds obvious, engagement rates go up when content is more digestible. In fact, even something as simple as including images can increase retweets by a whopping 150%. So, embrace good design, captivate your audience, and you’ll catch them sticking around for more.

Good design makes your site accessible from anywhere.

The percentage of companies that report increased sales by creating with mobile in mind.

That’s because good web design is mobile-centric to ensure your content is intuitively planned and responsive to different screen sizes, orientations, and platforms. With these factors in mind, your business can improve sales figures while building a positive brand reputation and fostering customer loyalty in today's mobile-driven digital landscape.

3. It influences consumer decisions, actions, & conversions

Keep them on the page and coming back for more. Don't take anything for granted. From colours and fonts to navigation and user flow — don't take anything for granted. Minor inconveniences within the experience you provide can mean lights out for many customer relationships.

Good design appeals to emotions.

Is how much customer purchasing decisions are influenced by colour psychology.

Good design is a science. No, literally. Colour psychology tells us that colours can influence human behaviour and emotion. That’s what makes blue, in its many hues, the most popular logo colour choice.

Imagine if Target or McDonald’s suddenly swapped colours. Would we have the same conditioned response to salivate at a glimpse of a red M? To shop after spotting a golden bullseye? Instead, these brands have easily recognizable colours and icons that activate a response.

Good design attracts and retains website visitors.

The percentage of visitors that will  only engage with a website if it has an attractive layout or content. That means, if your site’s an eyesore, functionality and value are down the drain.

Design isn’t just about representing concepts and visual charms — it optimizes the feel, structure, and operability of your digital experience. Users have expectations when it comes to flow and navigation. Designers anticipate engagement and map out the UX with a user-centred approach to prioritize functionality, simplicity, clarity, and accessibility. 

Good design helps to iron out the kinks and issues your visitors could experience. Fewer issues mean the likelihood of your recurring visitors goes up.

Good design leads to conversions.

Websites that load in 1 second have 2.5–3xs higher conversion rates than sites that load in 5 seconds.

Website speed is directly tied to design and is among the many factors that correlate with business performance, according to McKinsey. Other factors like clearly defined objectives, website layout, navigation, and appearance (to name a few), encourage users to click and lead to better conversions.

We want you to catch some eyes

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of business, investing in good design is essential for success. By placing your "why" front and center, design empowers you to differentiate your brand, engage customers on a deeper level, and ultimately drive tangible results. 

Don't let your purpose fade into the background. The Digital Panda is a modern website design agency that harnesses the power of design and unlocks the full potential of our clients’ experiences and solutions.

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