How do you stand out in a Blockchain market with so much hype?

User Experience
UI Design
Web Development

The Challenge

Blockchain as a concept is pretty abstract. We wanted to give blockchain the feeling of being a living, breathing thing. Through the website's design, we wanted to convey the idea of blockchain as real and tangible—as opposed to just digital bits and pieces floating in cyberspace.

Second-to-none reliability. A premium vibe. Those are the main elements that differentiate SDK from its competitors. So, we used uber-luxe 3D animations and illustrations to create an upscale web experience and place SDK firmly in the upper end of the market's spectrum.


Because we were targeting large corporate clients, we developed a sophisticated visual identity that combined classic design and cutting-edge technology.

Web Design

Following our tried and true process, we developed the visual direction in conjunction with the 3D graphics, giving carefull thought to the interactions and web site flow.


The Digital Panda exceeded all our expectations. They were very keen on understanding our requirements and vision, but I must admit, the final product they delivered is simply on a whole new level. The team’s client-oriented approach, attention to detail and creativity is simply outstanding.

Geoff Sidhu

Founder, SDK Group


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