What we did
Branding, Mobile App UX/UI

OSeyeris blends hardware and software to provide everyday utility devices which bridges the gap between the sighted and the visually impaired. It is an IoT startup created to help people with severe visual impairments. The challenge was to design a highly-accessible identity that reflects the company’s core mission.

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The Brand

A study on a brand for the visually impaired

Research and discovery

OSeyeris is working with advanced technology towards an inspiring mission. Their products enable the visually impaired to understand their environment through sensors, haptic feedback and sound based localisation. How is this done?
Brain plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to adapt to a changing environment. In other words, it is the brain’s ability to compensate the loss of one sense by increasing the abilities of other senses.

Developing the visual System

The final identity was heavily inspired by the braille tactile writing system and visual illusions. The illusions hijack the brain’s innate mechanisms for interpreting the visual world under normal conditions. A classic example is illusory contours — they evoke the perception of an edge without a luminance or color change across that edge.
The core idea was: to see something that’s not actually there — for sighted — and to perceive something you can’t see for the blind.
The Final result was a play on the kanizsa triangle. The Logomark is surrounded by the four senses to create the illusion of an eye.

We also developed a set of patterns specifically designed for letterpress. These patterns denote various sensations we perceive with our senses. 
Mobile App

Supporting multiple types of users

The UI for the OSeyeris app was designed to mimic the natural properties of the physical device: The Macaron. The app should also be elegant, as the macaron is a measuring tool, regardless of visual impairment: