Redefining the EV charging experience for businesses and drivers.



The Challenge

EVPassport empowers businesses to adopt EV charging and attract EV drivers. To do so they needed to educate businesses about the social, practical and financial benefits of implementing EV charging at work and why EVPassport is the best choice for the job.

Our goal was to design a digital destination where customers could learn about EV charging while showcasing EVPassport’s suite of hardware and software solutions suitable for any size business to offer EV charging to their customers.

Product Rendering

To demonstrate some of the many places EVPassport could easily be used, we took photos of parking environments with model vehicles. In each location we seamlessly integrate EVPassport’s hardware into the surroundings while also alluding to the convenience drivers enjoy while patronizing the business.

Web Design

To tell EVPassport’s story we developed a website as elegant and enterprising as the company itself. Bold visuals, compelling illustrations and eye-catching animations combine with clear and concise copy to lead visitors through every step of their journey.



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