Ping Pong Digital

The Challenge

Ping Pong Digital is an award winning Chinese digital marketing agency with offices in Shanghai, London and Birmingham. China is a huge market opportunity with hundreds of millions of potential customers and Ping Pong helps companies reach this audience. The Digital Panda was approached for a complete overhaul of their website.

The Solution

We went for a playful and vibrant animated cityscape as an illustration of the busy Chinese market.

After a couple rounds of revisions, we settled on a busy cityscape with famous Chinese landmarks and characters denoting Ping Pong’s services.
Hero illustration sketch

At the same time with the illustration direction,  we figured out the website's Information Architecture and started building out the pages as low-fi wireframes.

25+ pages were prototyped to reflect Ping Pong Digital’s extensive service offering.

All the illustrations were made as clean vector graphics as we knew we’ll have to do a lot of svg animations later.

Icon Design

We designed custom icons for Ping Pong Digital’s different group of services that were integrated into the cityscape.

ADD animated SVG


Using svg animations, we were able to significantly reduce page load times for an optimal experience.

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