Hearing Amplifier

The Challenge

Hearing Amplifier is one of the most trusted retail and online distributors of hearing amplifiers in North America. Their mission is to make hearing accessible to everyone. The Digital Panda was approached to create their online shopping experience.

The Solution

We wanted to present the products in the best possible way and allow customers to inspect the amplifiers in every angle, thus helping them to pick the perfect one.

We created detailed 3D models and animations for each product unit. Combining 3D animations with transitions gave us an impressive product browsing experience and high engagement rates.

Visual Design

Hearing Amplifer had very specific requirements for their homepage content and design, so we jumped straight into pushing pixels.

The homepage starts with a full-screen video showing the product in context and how it helps their customers. Hearing Amplifiers allows people with hearing problems to lead an active and engaging lifestyle and fully immerse into their environment with ease and comfort.

Interaction design

When designing interfaces, it’s important to consider the transitions between different screens and sections. Animations can take the experience to a whole new level, making it more intuitive, smooth and feel natural.

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