inHaus Surfaces
July 2017
What we did
UX Design / UI Design / Web Development / Video Development

Inhaus was not satisfied... So they contracted us to help turn their bland web presence into something amazing. We worked collaboratively with their inhaus (*pun) design team to create a beautiful and highly functional product.

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inHaus Surfaces

We began by analyzing their existing site, identifying the pain points and created suggestions for changes within our wireframes.

Interface Design

We wanted to convey the beauty of Inhaus' product and the best way to do this was with vivid photos and action videos.

The homepage features multiple looping videos of people and animals living on the product.
We developed a custom intuitive ecommerce-style layout, filter and search to help users navigate the product lines quickly.
The product pages also feature the images in multiple angles, and room setups to allow users to see how the floors would look in various settings.
Responsive Layouts

With the redesign, the inhaus site is now as good looking on mobile as it is on desktop.